Product Features

Easy to use

  • Optional attendance equipment arrives ready to use
  • Clock time transactions with a fingerprint or ID card scan
  • Improve employee/supervisor communications
  • Internet-based software eliminates maintenance

iTime Keeper is ready to use, simple to operate and even easier to set in motion with our optional pre-configured wireless attendance equipment. We can also send you ready-to-use employee identification cards with a bar code, employee picture and company logo for the available scanner attachment. Simpler, still, the attendance equipment can be configured with a fingerprint scanner.

Pass codes or employee identification combined with a password will also work with the wireless system to immediately update the online records of your clock-in and clock-out times. In addition to an employee web browser log-in page, supervisors and security personnel can clock individual employees in and out of the system manually.

The entire system is wireless and Internet based. We’ve eliminated the usual start-up connection costs associated with tying one or more scanners into the system and eradicated service disruptions in the rare event a unit should ever need repair. Simply attach a new ready-to-use scanner at the check-in point.

iTime Keeper attendance equipment is optional. The system was designed to allow employees access to record their entry and exit times through a web browser page as a regular feature.

iTime Keeper also provides employees with their own web browser page allowing access to system features that include clocking their entry and exits, an employee profile, leave management and a communication module with their supervisor. For example, employees can use the system to ask for time off and get a quick answer from their supervisor.

As an Internet-based service, subscribers never have to worry about software updates. iTime Keeper handles the site maintenance for you.

iTime Keeper Features