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iTime Keeper is designed to operate with other very popular online business applications, such as, and to help improve your business productivity.

We’ve partnered with – a web-based service offering payroll accounting, administration and processing services – to simplify your organization’s payroll. uses the information obtained through various attendance methods such as browser entry or barcode and fingerprint scanners.

Ipayroll’s services are offered in both Canada and the United States. The online service calculates payroll based on the most up-to-date state, provincial and federal laws affecting remuneration policies and deductions governing your business payroll. All necessary documents required for government remittances are accurate and on time, eliminating the costly fees associated with late submissions and errors. For more information, please visit:

iTimeKeeper also works seamlessly with online accounting software – – to help meet your business accounting needs. All employee attendance and payroll records can be included as a part of your comprehensive accounting system. The service eliminates duplicate entries and rids your books of human error, adding another layer of security to your business operations and saving you money. For more information, please visit:

iTime Keeper and also work together seamlessly to simplify your business management. iOfficeManager has all of the tools you need to manage your business. Set company goals for the year and break them down into monthly and daily targets for every employee. Everyone in your organization can work toward efficiently getting your business where you want it to be.

iOfficeManager was designed with a built-in company policy, procedures and rules section to help everyone in your organization easily understand what’s expected. iOfficeManager also contains a document management system to efficiently handle your organization’s documentation needs. For more information, please visit:

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