iTimekeeper Features

Online attendance

  • Easy-to-use, proprietary web-based system.
  • Up-to-the-minute employee oversight from multiple locations.
  • Immediately update time records with an id card, pass code or fingerprint scan.

Give employees the capability to log in using bar-coded id cards, a fingerprint scan or the time-tested keypad. The proprietary time-keeping module is powerful, but simple enough to handle your timekeeping needs.


Wireless entry scanner

  • Proprietary wireless entry equipment reads ID cards, fingerprints or employee pass codes.
  • Monitor timekeeping with scanners at multiple locations.
  • Lets employees record entry and exit times themselves.

Whether you’re looking for a simple time clock or something more complex, iTime Keeper can do it for you. At the most-basic level, employees can clock in and out through a web browser. Add another level of security with an attachment that can read bar-coded ID cards or another that that identifies employees with a fingerprint scan directly to out Internet-based software.


Created with schools in mind

  • Let iTime Keeper track attendance and help reduce absenteeism.
  • Send automatic e-mails to parents confirming child’s attendance records.
  • Track students’ out-of-school appointments without the paper.

Keep classes in session and parents in the loop. Our easy-to-use system tracks absences, who arrived late for class and can be set to let parents know about it. Lets schools send e-mail notes to parents about their child’s attendance and lets parents tell schools when they know their child won’t be there.


Rule-driven smart attendance

  • Set grace periods for your time clock functions and track late arrivals.
  • See who has reached their overtime limit.
  • Optional manager approval for all time clock operations.

Make company policy a reality and detect mistakes at the time clock as they occur. Set a window for your employees to use the time clock that includes scheduled break times. iTime Keeper also allows you to set a grace period and decide when supervisors need to get involved to fix problem situations.


IP door and device access control

  • Remotely control access
  • Establish entry and exit times
  • Bar unauthorized employee entry

Determine who can access the building and the hours they’re allowed on the premises. iTime Keeper is compatible with current IP Ethernet door and device access control systems, allowing you to pre-determine which areas individual employees can enter once they’re inside and save you money by tying environmental controls to occupied areas.


Secure and dependable

  • Data stored off-site at multiple safe servers
  • Should iTime Keeper’s server go down, another will take its place to prevent disruptions.
  • 128-bit SSL encryption ensures data arrives safely.

Your information is safe with us. We store date on multiple secure servers at several locations. We also follow strict access policies. As a precaution, we can also temporarily deny system access from the subscriber’s side following five failed long-in attempts. The system can also be set to snap a picture of who just punched in or out.


Easy to use

  • iTime Keeper will send you a pre-programmed, ready-to-use scanner and entry cards.
  • Internet-based system means someone else looks after the software updates.
  • Clocking in or out can be as easy as a fingerprint or bar code scan.

The entire system was designed to get you back to the important business of running your business. Nothing could be easier than a system that arrives ready to use. Hooking into and using iTime Keeper is as simple as placing a wireless scanner at your door. In the event of hardware failure, another iTime Keeper scanner will seamlessly take its place. Our Internet-based software also eliminates the burden of software updates out of your hands.


Link to payroll, accounting and management software

  • Take errors out of the number of hours worked.
  • Automate employee payroll calculations.
  • Seamlessly links to

iTime Keeper takes the guess work out of paydays. We have partnered with Ipayroll, a web-based payroll service which offers payroll accounting, payroll administration and payroll processing services to simplify your organization’s accounting. The service is offered in both Canada and the United States, ensuring all of the necessary up-to-date information is there when you need it.


The perfect solution for contractors

  • Track employee hours at every location worked
  • Customer approval for hours worked can be as simple as an e-mail confirmation
  • Eliminate hand-written, employee-submitted timesheets

Contractors (whether you’re a plumber or a temp agency) looking for a better way to track when and where employees have worked now have the perfect solution for their headaches. As an iTime Keeper subscriber, your employees log in and out of the system at job sites. The customer they’re working for approves the time logs, speeding up your billing process.