Product Features

Rule-driven smart attendance

  • Subscriber establishes time clock limits
  • Place restrictions on work hour entries and exits
  • Optional supervisor approval for late arrivals
  • Prohibit unauthorized overtime
  • Monitor temporary absences during work hours with gate passes
  • Establish optional supervisor approval for all hours worked

iTime Keeper is designed to work with the user, providing them with the ability to perform complex and diverse rule handling. This feature ensures that established labour policies are enforced with each and every time punch. An employer can input schedules for start times, end times and breaks and even prevent employees from clocking in early.

Similarly, subscribers can categorize different overtime periods for their workers. An employee who has reached their overtime limit can be prevented from clocking in and prompted to contact their manager for approval. Additionally, a business owner or manager can eliminate the possibility of any unapproved overtime.

iTime Keeper also supports a gate pass system, an optional avenue for employees to leave the place of business during company hours to make deliveries or meet customers. Connected to software such as, the system will also help improve productivity by tying time away from the office or warehouse directly to the current online to-do list. With manager pre-approval, the time allowed to get the job done can also be tied to the original request.

Once an employee has returned to home base, the system can ask what happened during the trip and whether or not the appointment produced the desired results. Acknowledging a task is done can be as simple as checking a box on the screen.

iTime Keeper Features