Product Features

Designed for school use

  • Special school module
  • Take wireless attendance of students, teachers and school staff
  • Automatic student absence e-mails to parents
  • Take attendance once a day or once per class
  • Parents can view their child’s attendance online
  • Parents can write online absence notes

Our time and attendance devices transcend the business world and come into the classroom with a specially-designed school module. We can help schools and parents improve their communications and make day-to-day operations easier.

With iTime Keeper, attendance has gone from a long role call at the beginning of class to a simple, and silent, card swipe or fingerprint scan as students walk into the classroom. The on-line system can be set to take attendance for the teacher once a day or at the beginning of every class. Even teachers and other school staff can record when they’re in the building.

We’ll also work with you to help improve your attendance numbers and reduce absenteeism. iTime Keeper’s school module was designed with both parents and the school in mind.

iTime Keeper can also help improve communications between your front office and parents with children in your classrooms. In addition to taking attendance, the school module will send out e-mail notifications to both the front office and parents if a child doesn’t appear on the attendance list.

Schools can also introduce new attendance policies requiring parental approval for all absences – as they occur – by e-mail, whether it’s simply clicking a button on their smart phone or logging into their regular e-mail account.

If a parent knows their child won’t be at school because of an illness or outside appointment, parents also have the option to log in and write an attendance note ahead of time. Parents can also open the attendance system at any time to ensure their child has safely arrived for the day and see whether or not they’ve attended all of their classes.

iTime Keeper Features