Product Features

Secure and Dependable

  • IP address and MAC-based restrictions
  • Secure servers with continuous backup
  • Data transmission and site access using SSL encryption
  • Temporary access lock following pre-set number of failed log-in attempts
  • Optional photo with every scan

While providing the convenience of online access, our system is also designed to provide peace of mind and guarantee your privacy. iTime Keeper includes optional features that keep your information secure.

We’ve included choices to limit site access to specific IP addresses so the system can’t be accessed off site. Another optional feature to restrict by MAC address can help you pre-determine where a particular user can clock in, whether it’s from a specific computer or a certain piece of our optional wireless attendance equipment. It helps prevent employees cheating the system and logging-in from home or logging someone else in from another location. Further, data is regularly copied and stored at multiple locations. Major banks and financial institutions use the same technology, restricting access by IP and MAC addresses.

Once it’s collected, all data is transmitted with SSL encryption and regularly backed up with strict access policies. All information is stored at secure server farms where strict physical access rules are followed.

System access can be set to deny entry for a pre-determined time following a pre-set number of failed log-in attempts. In addition to locking the system, iTime Keeper can send an e-mail to security to let them know a failed attempt has been made. In the event someone is trying to hack your account, iTime Keeper will e-mail the pre-selected people in real time and give them an IP address for where it occurred. Rather than tracking down hackers after they’ve gained unauthorized access, the system will help you prevent them from doing any harm.

Other possible safety precautions include having the system take a picture during a clock transaction to help reduce time theft from badge or pin number exchanges. Subscribers can set the rules saying when photos are taken, whether it’s every time or every failed attempt, and forward them to our servers along with the time and date information letting you view who made the entries.

iTime Keeper Features