Product Features

Online Attendance System

  • A simple online solution for all attendance needs
  • Completely web-based with optional wireless attendance equipment
  • Oversee employees’ attendance in real time
  • Updates in real time with every attendance activation
  • Unlimited accessibility

ITime Keeper is a simple employment solution for all attendance needs, whether you’re a business, school, hospital, library or other institution. Our system operates entirely online, which provides subscribers the real-time advantage of overseeing employees’ attendance from anywhere and in several different ways.

iTime Keeper is flexible enough to allow employers six different ways to record worker attendance. Businesses can have optional automated attendance devices help record times or have employees report in manually.

Optional wireless online attendance equipment can record arrivals and departures with available barcode and fingerprint readers. With a simple scan of an id card, pass code, or fingerprint, our system instantly identifies an employee and immediately updates online records of their clock-in and clock-out times.

The reader also comes equipped with an on-screen touchpad for manual attendance functions. Employees can record their activities into the system with a pre-determined security code or their employee identification and password.

Customers also have the option of simply using our online system and letting employees manually update their hours from their web browser. As an added measure, security personnel and administrators can also open the system at any time to manually record arrivals and departures.

iTime Keeper Features